Explore The World From Your Sofa!- The World Of Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a growing industry and in this article will give you the latest info on what virtual tours are and why you should get involved! As many of you may know , we are a virtual tours company that also specialise in photography as well as design.

What Is A Virtual Tour?

So many of you may be wondering what exactly a virtual tour is. In short a virtual tour is a tour of a location without actually needing to be physically be there. Often virtual tours are made up of computer programmes couples with imagery from the location itself. Often one of the major benefits of going on a virtual tour is you can listen to clear narration about the places you are visiting as and when you visit them. Furthermore , you aren’t under as strict time constraints as you would normally be. This allows for more time to explore on your own schedule. Virtual tours are commonly used by educational institutions as well as travel companies to gave an insight into what a location or area may be like for people before they go there.

What Can I Expect To Find On Panorammer

On panorammer there are a variety of different types of tours that you can go on from tours of museums in foreign countries to  exotic locations and much more! we also specialise in photography services. Panorammer can give you a different perspective on new locations. As well as our brilliant virtual tours you can also expect to see engaging and relevant blogs relating to the industry being published on our blog!

How Are Traditional Tours Changing?

Traditional tours as we know them have been and will continue to change for the foreseeable future. This is due to increased visitor numbers at different hotpots around the world as well as changing attitudes towards tourism in general.  Unfortunately in many popular tourist destinations the locals can feel crowded out of their own areas or may suffer from issues as a direct result of tourism. E.g increased or higher rents/taxes due to the local property market being over capacity. In cities such as Venice and Barcelona there has even been protests against the tourism industry and the damage that it is bringing to the local area and calls for it to be reduced. This has sparked media attention but unfortunately many tour groups disregard this and continue their operations with greater numbers. Another issue with too many tourists is increased litter and waste levels which can damage an areas ecosystem and natural beauty. This is why virtual tours are so important as we understand that tourism needs to be regulated and virtual tours can provide a similar experience but with far less material damage to the areas which are suffering from too much tourism. Furthermore , virtual tours in most cases are free or significantly cheaper which really makes a difference!

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